Brazeau breaches trust in RCMP files

                A couple articles ago I wrote about  Senator Mike Duffy claiming 90 thousand dollars worth of expenses and having it reimbursed by a third party member in Nigel Wright.  Another Senator by the name of Patrick Brazeau reached a breach of trust in the RCMP files claiming inappropriate travel  and housing expenses.  Now Brazeau is being heavily investigated because if a senate member is appointed and lives quite the distance away from parliament hill, they would get reimbursed for commuting and living in a house close to the office.  Because of so many false claims the Brazeau incurred, his family and significant others are being interrogated about where he lives and such.

                It seems that a lot of senators are being investigated from filing more expenses than they really had.  It was not just Brazeau or Duffy that wrongly filed for reimbursement either.  Reading the comments in the article, it seems that many other senators are accused of wrongfully filing for reimbursements.  It seems that the Canadian government has many issues on trust and credibility of their party members now and something should be done about it.  I feel that morally government officials are trying to cheat the citizens because that is tax payer money they are trying to file, but I hope that is not the case for everyone else.


Justin Trudeau is for Cannabis

                Member of parliament Justin Trudeau recently posted a video of him addressing issues to the public and gave his thoughts about the decimalization of cannabis and stated that he was for the legalization of it instead.  In doing so, Canadian “tweeters” were taking this issue to twitter(social media site), mixed reactions but most of the tweeters agreed with Justin.  Newly minted employee minister Jason Kenney chimed in on twitter as well stating that the head of adolescent drug treatment center is not happy with Justin’s response.  In the video, Justin feels that legalization would get it out of the hands of kids, and the government would be able to tax cannabis as well.

                I personally do not do any drugs at all but I feel that marijuana would be better if it were legal.  It would help some medical conditions and help the government make a little extra money by taxing the use of cannabis.  I was recently in the state of Washington, where the use of cannabis is legal and I did not notice much difference to having it legal or illegal.  It has been and always will be a major issue but  I do not think it would change much if it were to be legalized except that people would have to pay a tax for it and be able to use it openly.  It is not like people are going to start using cannabis just because it is legal now, I certainly will not.  Canada should take a page out of the United States governments books, it would help if they did.


Let me know what you think Justin Trudeau was out of line or he is right about the legalization of it.

Minister and MP Toews resigning from office

Vic Toews, a public safety minister has announced that he is resigning from his position of cabinet minister and member of parliament for Provencher.  This move came as news came out about the conservative party making a major shuffle in their cabinet.  Toews was not the only one to resign,  other senators and members are also resigning from the cabinet.  Although not all, some still intend to run in 2015.  Toews held many important positions during his political career, making him an important figure in the Canadian government.

            The cabinet must be going in a different direction if it has a handful of government officials resigning from their post, or not running again for office.  It does not seem Toews was well liked in office, as he was one of the more controversial members in the cabinet.  Although Toews says he’s leaving because of his family, part of it might be that he does not like the direction the cabinet is going.  Either way, if he is not a well liked minister, then I hope Canadian citizens will support the new cabinet in making Canada an even better nation.

Conservative Senator Improperly claimed Expenses

Mike Duffy, senator for the conservative party of Canada improperly claimed 90,000 dollars worth of party funds and wanted to be reimbursed for all of it.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) are investigating what was originally suppose to only be 32,000 dollars worth of expenses that turned into 90,000 dollars.  The conservative party was originally considering paying Duffys expenses but backed out when they found out the amount was even larger.  This is when chief of staff Nigel Wright offered to pay Duffy back instead.  Originally thought as a “gift” turned out to be an unwritten agreement to Duffy to pay it back right away and he stop talking to the media about it.

                I think that this shows how selfish political leaders in Canada are, might not be all of them but it does represent the party as a whole.  If Duffy improperly claimed 90,000 dollars in expenses, something might be fishy with the situation.  Especially when Wright (who paid it off instead), is demanding Duffy to shut up about it.  There might be some corruption going on with the conservative party.  In truth, it might have been 32,000 in expenses, but there were hidden expenses that he is not allowed to share with the public.  I feel like the people of the conservative party should know where their money is going to if they are investing into them.  Duffy should be able to explain why he is owed that much money if he is requesting 90,000 dollars, that is one hefty amount.

Supreme Court deaf to Parents of Twins

A supreme court judge denied to hear an argument of an Ottawa couples request to each take thirty five weeks of leave to take care of their twin daughters that were born in April 2009.  At first the Canadian Supreme court judge did not want to hear their case, but because of constant arguing between the parents and court officials, were granted their thirty five weeks of leave.  To the couples defense, they argued that, ” the Employment Insurance Act was inconsistent and violated the couple’s right to equality under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms”(CBC, 2013).  This case was originally ruled that because the twins were born in the same time frame, the event counts as one occurrence for the sake of employment benefits.

I am happy for the couple that got their parental leaves, but it seems like so much hassle for the government to get though with this.  Even in the report, there was the argument that the bills were inconsistent that led to this issue.  My concern was with the parents, who did not ask for their leave until now.  Their children were born in 2009, that was four years ago.  Why are they only asking for parental leave now?  I thought parents are suppose to take their leave to take care of their children right when they were born.  I think this correlated with the last article I wrote where Members of Parliament passed motions for the sake of leaving early.  This could equate to the reason why the act might be inconsistent.  I think law makers really need to look to the details of what they are doing, as it could lead to greater problems in the future.

Members of Parliament taking early summer vacation- week3

In Canada, the law makers are called the House of Commons, led by the members of parliament who Canadian citizens who vote on members to serve in the house.  The members of parliament, or MPs are pushing through a boat load of last minute motions so they could go home for the summer.  There was an abundance of common items that had to get through and the MPs managed to get through to all of them so they got get out of the “bounds of day to day Commons business”.  The MPs cannot go home that fast, they still have to sit in a caucus meeting for new democrats and liberals, which usually results in back and forth arguments until they are done.

As I stated earlier, citizens of Canada vote for who gets to serve in the House of Commons.  Should government allow voting for such positions.  It does not seem that the MPs but much effort into all the bills that are passed in the Canadian government, let alone making them stay in the office.  It is excruciating to have people serving the nation, to not care so much about the people as they do themselves.  In America, legislatures work late nights and weekends to get bills passed and they do it with quality.  I guess it works for Canada that they do it this way, but is it efficient or will it be the downfall of them when bad bills get through just so the Members of Parliament can take an early summer vacation.


Do you think Canadian legislature should follow the American’s legislatures by example?

Week 2 Current Event- Car Tracking devices spark privacy concerns

A new device that is out in Canada can record certain habits of the car operator.  It is able to record the amount of kilometers traveled and times the driver brakes hard or accelerates quickly.  It is a measure that one insurance companies are taking to help ensure driver safety and savings on their insurance policies as well.  Desjardins announced that they will be offering up to twenty-five percent off of your insurance policy if you are a good driver and install the tracking device.  Issues have been raised about the privacy of these information because of what happened in the US earlier about how the government is collecting data from telephones and such.  Desjardins is taking measures to protect their customers from disclosing any of their personal information to keep it to the car matters.  Although this installation is not mandatory, analysts are saying that the success of this program could lead to mandatory installations in all vehicles.

When I first read the title of this article, I was not too sure if I am going to like it because of what happened with our US government.  After reading the article, I am positive for this program to successfully work in the cars.  I am glad to see this insurance company taking measures to help with protecting customers personal information.  Although, if you had information that the police would need for an investigation, then the insurance company would have to hand over with no questions asked.  I think that this tracking system is very innovative, and smart long term.

Let me know what you think of this system in the comments!